The 7 Stage Decision Making Process

What is decision making? Decision making is a process of making choices from available alternatives or generating alternatives through a step-by-step process. Decision making is an act we do every day in our personal and professional lives to achieve certain objectives. Basic elements of decision making The first stage of decision making process is to … Read more

11 Time Management Tips

Introduction (Source: coAmplifi) “Tick tock, tick tock, tick tock………”. This is not a short video app with a similar name but rather the clicking sound of the clock. It keeps on clicking despite whether we are using it productively or just letting it pass. So Time Management become a hot topic for professionals and trainers … Read more

Perception vs Reality, Do You Need to Manage It?

Background (Source: Hope we all have gone through situations where we might be scratching our heads about why our boss, colleague or even friend is not thinking right about you. You might have gotten frustrated over the situation. Then a thought came to our mind ” परसेप्शन ठीक नहीं है ” (his perception is … Read more