Basics of High Voltage Switchboards

Introduction: High voltage switchboards are specialized electrical distribution equipment designed to handle higher voltage levels than standard switchboards. They are commonly used in industrial & commercial facilities, power plants, substations, and other applications where high-voltage electrical power connections are sanctioned by the local utility. Let us start with what is the relevant national and international … Read more

Internal Arc Fault in MV Switchgear

Background Internal Arc Faults can occur in low-voltage as well as medium-voltage switchgear panels. However, we have chosen to discuss the internal arc fault phenomenon in medium-voltage switchgear and its impact on human safety because of its severity in the latter case. What is an Internal Arc Fault? Very important to understand what this phenomenon … Read more

Power Factor Correction Guidelines

Introduction We have learned the fundamentals of Power Quality in our earlier article “Power Quality Basics”. We have also learned the importance of good Power Quality on Low Voltage distribution networks along with some basic calculations. Now we will go a little deeper and understand the implementation of power quality improvement methods. Power factor is … Read more

Sandwich Busway System

Introduction A Sandwich Busway System is a means to transfer electrical power from one equipment to another equipment in a low-voltage electrical network. The other ways to transfer electrical power in an electrical network are bare or insulated solid conductors and cables. Here our topic of discussion is Sandwich Busways, its construction, and its advantages … Read more

Solid Insulation Switchgear Technology

Introduction Our discussion here will be limited to Medium Voltage Switchgear up to 33kV. Before we understand solid insulation switchgear technology, we will first go into the history of medium voltage switchgear solutions. If we talk of evolution of medium voltage solution, then we can broadly categorize them under two sections as given below: On … Read more

Validity Period of Type Tests for Switchboards

Background (Courtesy: Tricolite Electrical Industries Ltd) The validity period of type tests for switchboards are many a times debatable if it is older than five years. I am sure as an engineer you have also faced this challenge during some of your interaction with your clients. We all that power equipment undergo developmental stage before … Read more

Energy Efficiency and LV Switchboards

Background This seems to be a very odd topic of discussion as we never thought of Energy Efficiency for LV Switchboards. I have presented this in the 2nd Edition of EEETech organised by CII at IHC Delhi, which was a Technical Conference and exposition on Energy Efficiency, Environment and Technology. The theme of the exposition … Read more

Electrical Safety & Type tested Switchboards – 0.440-33kV

Electrical Safety Requirements We all agree that the Electrical safety of human and installation both has paramount importance. But do you wonder what relationship Electrical Safety has with Type Tested Switchboards? Very interesting question. Traditionally majority of us in the industry don’t care about the guidelines laid down by relevant standards for both LV & … Read more

High Altitude Application-Design Aspects for MV Switchboard

High Altitude Application – Design Needs All the design practices which are more frequent and widely used are for standard service conditions. But here we will be discussing design aspects for High Altitude Application for MV Switchboards. With increased developmental activities in hilly areas, the need for studying the behavior of electrical equipments has become … Read more