Perception vs Reality, Do You Need to Manage It?

Background (Source: Hope we all have gone through situations where we might be scratching our heads about why our boss, colleague or even friend is not thinking right about you. You might have gotten frustrated over the situation. Then a thought came to our mind ” परसेप्शन ठीक नहीं है ” (his perception is … Read more

Electrical Safety & Type tested Switchboards – 0.440-33kV

Electrical Safety Requirements We all agree that the Electrical safety of human and installation both has paramount importance. But do you wonder what relationship Electrical Safety has with Type Tested Switchboards? Very interesting question. Traditionally majority of us in the industry don’t care about the guidelines laid down by relevant standards for both LV & … Read more

High Altitude Application-Design Aspects for MV Switchboard

High Altitude Application – Design Needs All the design practices which are more frequent and widely used are for standard service conditions. But here we will be discussing design aspects for High Altitude Application for MV Switchboards. With increased developmental activities in hilly areas, the need for studying the behavior of electrical equipments has become … Read more